1.Information We Collect

"Cookies" are pieces of information generated by a Web serverand stored in the user's computer, ready for future access. Each time when youaccess our web site, our server finds the relevant cookie on your computer. Theinformation contained within that cookie is then used to customize yourexperience with our site. We may collect the following information about ourvisitors:

·        Email

·        Name

·        Company Name

·        StreetAddress

·        Post Code

·        City, State

·        Country

·        TelephoneNumber

·        Password

·        Originalreference link

2. Whydo we collect this information?

Weuse this information in order to serve the needs of our customers. We need toknow who you are in order to verify the credit card information you have sentus. We collect several pieces of personal information from you in order tocomplete this verification process. The non-personal information that wecollect from you is used in order to offer you better service and to make yourexperience with our site more enjoyable. Any information that we mayinadvertently collect from you, that does not serve one of these reasons statedabove, is immediately purged from our system.

3. Howis your information protected?

Weuse the latest in encryption technology, including 128 bit SSL encryption toensure that any sensitive information that is sent by you to us via theInternet is protected from unauthorized interception. We employ the latest infirewall protection to prevent unauthorized access into our information storageareas. We maintain a rigorous hiring process to screen out potential employeeswith criminal backgrounds. All employees that we do hire have to sign aconfidentiality agreement that forbids them from disclosing any information towhich the employee has access, to other individuals or entities. We also haveback up servers and power supplies to guard against power outages and othernatural occurrences that could pose a threat to the integrity of your personalinformation. Passwords are required in order for you to gain access to youraccount. Once an account has been terminated, measures are taken to removethose users from the system who no longer need access to our system. When anemployee is terminated or is no longer with the company, we change the accesscodes that the employee used to access any customer accounts. Account loginsessions are terminated after three failed login attempts; all terminated loginsessions are logged for follow-up. Passwords must contain at least sixcharacters, one of which is nonalphanumeric. Passwords are case sensitive andmust be updated every 90 days. Unused customer accounts, those that have shownno activity for 6 months are purged from our system.

4. CanI correct or remove information from your site?

Youalways have the option to view your account to make sure the information wehave collected from you is indeed correct. You also have the option of removingany information from your account that you wish to keep private. However,please note that removing certain information such as your email address,contact information, and the like may greatly hinder our ability to effectivelyprovide the service or products you have requested. We recommend that youcontact us first to discuss which information you may remove withoutinterrupting the quality of service we intend to provide for you.

5.Updates to this policy

If we change or update this Privacy Notice, we will post changes andupdates on this Site so that you will always be aware of what information wecollect, use, and disclose. We encourage you to review this Privacy Notice fromtime to time so you will know if the Privacy Notice has been changed orupdated.